Family Standards Driving School

Dedicated To 1st Time Pass

At Family Standards Driving School, we believe, teach onto others, as we would teach our own family, with safe driving first, being the bedrock of our education (Family Standards)

Learning need not be intimidating. With our driving school, our instructors are qualified to the highest standard and have many years of experience, helping even the most uncertain drivers, develop the confidence on the road, needed to pass their test.

Whether your a beginner learner, intermediate, preparing for your test or even if you've passed your test, but haven't driven for awhile and wish some assistance in regaining your confidence, behind the wheel, we can assist you. 

StepByStep-Mini Intensive Method

"Never be a jack of all trades and a master of none"(the wise often say)     

Our StepByStep-Mini Intensive approach, breaks each aspect of driving down to its component parts, allowing each learner, to fully understandattain mastery, thus gaining confidence, in each aspect of control, moving the vehicle, or understanding road structures and hazards. Once you learn one module, you move onto the next, transferring what you've learnt into muscle memory and never looking back. 

Our StepByStep-Mini Intensive formula, towards driving education, incorporates all the best, of the current tuition methods, out in the industry to date, into a new dynamic, fast learning, efficient, and successful module. 

Learning to drive, as any friend with a licence, who's taken driving lesson's, will be happy to share with you, can cost a pretty penny. At Family Standards Driving school we believe if you learn the correct way, it can be less expensive, even if your forced to stop and start, when you complete our foundation course what you learn you keep.

Student Survey

 A survey conducted amongst learner students, asking what were their top priorities when it comes to learning to drive, revealed the following results. 

1. Cheap lessons

2. Fast learning

3. Be able to pass 1st time

4. To feel like a safe confident driver.

In addressing these results, we at Family Standards Driving School would like new learners, to prepare well prior to learning, to understand that, when you attain the level, where upon you feel like a confident safe driver, you will give yourself the best chance to pass 1st time. 

When your learning , following a formula that has been tried and tested, such as the StepByStep-Mini Intensive Method, Used by us at Family Standards Driving School, you benefit from all the work already done, by former students that have passed before you, giving new learners, the opportunity to benefit from prior successes.

You will have within your grasp, one of the fastest, most assured paths towards success. All this means, by following a proven formula, you need only, to learn once, making your total lessons a cheap worthwhile investment

Family Standards Driving School Advised Priorities

1. To feel like a safe confident driver

2( N#1 gives you to Ability) to pass 1st time

3. (1&2 will lead to) Fast Learning

4.(1,2&3, will  lead to on average) Cheap Lessons

Final Word

Our rates are competitively low and when it comes to our students progress, our revolutionary foundation course, guarantees on completion, what you learn you keep. No more going on holiday or stopping for exam, then coming back and starting over, what you learn is yours for life, by going through or completing the course.  

We cover all aspects and elements that you'll be tested with on your driving test. By completing the course, not only will you feel like a safe, confident driver, you'll feel like a confident driver that can pass, if you come with us. 

All our instructors are fully Qualified Instructors, with the Driving Standards Agency+Pass Plus registered ADI.....CRB checked

Our vehicles are Ford Focus Manual gearboxes, less than a year old. 



Yomi has a remarkable track record, helping his students prepare for their test and last year 94% of them passed with flying colours.Yomi is also a registered Pass Plus instructer. You could not find a better man in his area, for teaching you to drive and his warm and friendly manner will make you feel completely comfortable from the first lesson onwards. 

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Steve has a great track record, helping his students prepare for their test and last year 95% of them passed with flying colours. You could not find a warmer man in his area for teaching you to drive and his cool and friendly manner will make you feel completely comfortable from the first lesson onwards.

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